Dedicated Funding Arizona – Equipment Financing

  • How Can Dedicated Funding Arizona help finance your equipment?
  • Who Does Dedicated Funding Arizona work with?
  • When should I reach out to Dedicated Funding Arizona?

How Can Dedicated Funding Arizona Help Finance Your Business?

Dedicated Funding is a direct lender in the equipment financing arena. The firm’s proprietary technology platform and customer focused team help deliver a quick and simple financing solution. Whether you’re expanding your business or replacing existing equipment, the firm has a financing solution tailored to your needs.

The representatives at Dedicated Funding understand that businesses need to focus on conducting business, period. Tending to endless information requests and spending months to complete the process is not okay. Dedicated Funding can provide a 4-hour approval process with next day funding for qualified borrowers.  

Who Does Dedicated Funding Arizona Work With?

Since opening the Phoenix office in 2018, Dedicated Funding Arizona has established working relationships with banks, equipment distributors, manufacturers, and private companies throughout the Metro Phoenix area and across the country. The firm has a strong vender program focused on providing financing and quality service to its partners’ clients. Whether you are a vender or borrower, Dedicated Funding Arizona works with clientele looking for business and equipment loans in excess of $10,000. Loan amount and required documentation:

  • $10,000-$300,000-Bank Statement Financing-Application, 4 Months Bank Statements, and Equipment Invoice
  • $300,000 and up- Financial Underwrite- Application, 6 Months Bank Statements, Invoice, P&L/Balance Sheet, and Last 3 Years of Tax Returns  

Dedicated Funding Arizona will provide a tailored financing solution for all your business equipment including construction, yellow iron, medical/dental, restaurant, franchise, commercial vehicles, computers, tow trucks, landscape, snow removal and yes even railroad ties.  Dedicated Funding Arizona is focused on the southwest region, while still maintaining a national reach that extends to Arizona, Washington, Texas, Florida, New York, California, Georgia, and all points in between.

When Should I Reach Out to Dedicated Funding Arizona?

It never hurts to reach out now to get pre-approved! One simple call, email, or application can be the start of a very beneficial relationship that helps YOU grow your business. If you’re here reading this post, you’ve already done half the work! With 3 simple steps, and decisions being made within 24 hours, there really isn’t ever a reason not to reach out! So, go ahead and apply!

  • First, fill out and sign the Dedicated Funding financing application and submit with the most recent 4 months of bank statements.
  • Next, work with your local dealer to select the required equipment and submit the invoice to Dedicated Funding.
  • Lastly, purchase the equipment, and go increase your company’s revenues!

Dedicated Funding Arizona – Contact Information

Call: (480) 215-5201